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The data center is located at  Perimeter Center in Atlanta.
It is a subterranean (i.e.underground) data center.

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All data center areas, including facilities support areas, are protected by halon 1301 in addition to water sprinkler systems. Different types and models of Fenwall brand smoke and fire protection electronics are used.

Thesystem is inspected daily by facilities personnel and is maintained semi-annually by the original installation contractor.

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The emergency power generation gear consists of 3 Caterpillar, 750 kw (continuous duty), generator/engine sets and General Electric switchboards and breakers. This gear is also configured to perform peak shaving (co-generation) as well as emergency service. The generator plan serves all critical computer loads and associated support hardware. Facilities personnel perform daily inspections and weekly load tests to ensure reliability. Two factory authorized service centers are used to provide emergency and annual maintenance.

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Our data center contains approximately 8,500 usable square feet of raised computer flooring.

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The data center utility power main service feeder is 4,000 amps, at 480 volts and enters the building in a General Electric AV-Line switchboard.

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Computer grade power is supplied through 2 separate, Emerson Electric, UPS systems. The 415Hz system consists of 3 paralleled 169 kw modules (model AP96) and are 480 volts in and 208 volts out. The 6OHz system is 3 paralleled 450 kw modules (model AP56) and are 480 volts in and out. Both systems share 3 paralleled strings of C&D (model LCWC-25) batteries. Computer grade power is distributed through Liebert (model PPA-225) 225 kva power distribution units.

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The data center water chilling plant consists of 3 Trane Centravac, 400 ton,
centrifugal chillers (with Barber Coleman controls) and 3 Baltimore Aircoll cooling towers (model 2422-C). Several models of Liebert air handling units are used to cool the data center and support areas.

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Computer room environmental controls are provided by industry standard Liebert Air Handling units and Trane Centrifugal water chillers. Existing chilled water connections are available, under the raised computer room floor, for support of water cooled mainframe processors. All mechanical support systems are inspected daily by facilities personnel and maintained monthly, annually, and as needed by factory authorized vendors.

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Computer grade power is supplied by industry standard Emerson Electric Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems and Liebert Power Distribution Units (PDU). All UPS and PDU hardware is inspected daily by facilities personnel and maintained quarterly, annually, and as needed by Liebert factory engineers.

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Physical security (access control and alarm handling) is controlled by a newly
installed Casi-Rusco system with Indala proximity card readers. Current security
services consist of in-house contract security guard coverage 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Numerous security cameras are deployed throughout the facility and are connected to video recording equipment and monitors.

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We provide continuos monitoring of our co-location room.  We can provide QOS dedicated 10/100 Megabytes of fast Ethernet switched access to the Internet.

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Our Network Operations Center (NOC) is staffed 24 x 7 and are continuously
monitoring all aspects of our servers and network.

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Our staff includes highly trained and certified engineers that have dedicated
their career to Internet web hosting.

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Redundant T3 (45Mb each) today. We are using UUNET and Savvis as our providers. We are currently upgrading to Redundant OC3 (155Mb) to each provider. Our internal network is 10/100 Mb/s switched fast Ethernet. We are using Cisco 7513 routers and Catalyst 5500 switches.

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We use the StorageTek Timberwolf 9714 DLT 7000 library and Legato Enterprise backup software. All systems are fully backed up every Sunday and incrementally each day thereafter. Tapes are stored off-site in a fire proof safe.

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